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The Evangelical

First, our name says that we are “evangelical.” That is, we are an “Evangel-centered” church. What’s that? “Evangel" is simply the tranliteration of a Greek word that means "Gospel” or “Glad Tidings.” What is the “Gospel?” It is the glad news that God has reconciled the world to Himself by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross as our Substitute under the Law and as a perfect sacrifice for our evil hearts and evil behavior. On the Third Day, Jesus rose from the dead to show Himself victorious over our sin, death, and the devil. Forty days later, He ascended to the Father, where He now reigns now reigns and rules all things for the sake of His Church. Due only to the mercies of God, the Gospel has been proclaimed from this place since the summer of 1939.


Our name also says that we are “Lutheran.” We are a member congregation of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. We believe, teach and confess the doctrine of the evangelical catholic faith as it is taught by the Holy Scriptures and faithfully confessed in the Book of Concord of 1580. Strickly speaking, the Lutheran Church is not a “denomination” among demominations. Christianity doesn’t come in a variety of forms. Lutherans profess no peculiar or new teachings but teach and practice what has been universally taught and practiced as the Christian Faith since the time of the New Testament.


Our name also indicates that we are a “Church.” The Church is the assembly of those who have been called out of this world to be God's holy people through faith alone in Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit is continually working to call, gather, enlighten and sanctify the whole Christian church on earth, and keep her with Jesus Christ in the one, true faith.

Of the Apostles

What is an “apostle?” An apostle is “one who is sent” or “a messenger.” The apostles were eyewitnesses of the resurrection and were chosen and sent out by Jesus with authority to preach His Gospel. God has blessed us here by constantly providing pastors who, as successors to the apostles, have proclaimed the same Gospel. Our current pastor is the Rev. Ralph Tausz, Christ's undershepherd here since August of 2000.

It is through the preaching of the cross that God has gathered for Himself a people from places such as Melrose Park, Franklin Park, Northlake and other surrounding suburbs. But God has not only provided preachers, he has provided hearers. They are the Faithful, who come regularly to receive Christ’s forgiveness and then serve their neighbor in love according to the vocations that they have been given.

Please don't hesitate to call Pr. Tausz (rhymes with "house") if you have any inquiries about the Christian Faith or our church.