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Y - Year-round; Lab - Labor Day Sunday; Mem - Memorial Day Sunday

Hymnal & Liturgy

TLH - The Lutheran Hymnal; LSB - Lutheran Service Book; LW - Lutheran Worship; HS - Hymnal Supplement 98; LBW - Lutheran Book of Worship; CW - Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal; ELH - Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary; FLL - French Lutheran Liturgy of Strasburg; Supp - Supplement to Lutheran Hymnal ; LSJ - Liturgy of St James; BCP - Book of Common Prayer (1549): 1540 Brandenburg-Nurenburg Church Order; SBH - Service Book and Hymnal; LH13 - Lutheran Hymnary (1913); ELG - Evangelis-Luthers Gezangboek (Dutch)


TLH1 - TLH, 1-year; LSB1 - LSB, 1 year; LSB3 - LSB, 3-year; LW1 - LW, 1-year; LW3 - LW, 3-year; LHP1 - Lutheran Hymnal Project, 1-year; LHP3 - Lutheran Hymnal Project, 3-year; RCL - Revised Common Lectionary; ILCW - Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship; SELK - Self-standing (Independent) Evangelical-Lutheran Church (of Germany); Soll - Frederic K Soll Series

Lord's Supper ALL - All Sunday and Midweek services; W - Every Sunday; F - Festivals ; O - 1st and 3rd Sundays; E - 2nd and 4th Sundays; W5 - Every Sunday except 5th Sunday; O5 - 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays; E5 - 2nd, 4th, and 5th Sundays; 2m - Twice per month; # - call for additional information; + - midweek communion schedule same as following Sunday; * - except Good Friday
Chalice or Cups

C - Chalice only; I - Individual cups only; B - Both chalice and individual cups; IPC- Individual cups filled from Pouring Chalice

Fellowship ACLC - Association of Confessional Lutheran Churches; AFLC - Association of Free Lutheran Congregations; ELCB - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Belgium; ELCE - Evangelical Lutheran Church of England; ELDoNA - Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America; ELS - Evangelical Lutheran Synod; Ind - Independent; LCA - Lutheran Church of Australia; LCC - Lutheran Church Canada; LCMS - Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod; LCS - Lutheran Confessional Synod; WELS - Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod